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     He is currently professor of percussion at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the State of Goiás (IFG). In this institution, he was the coordinator of the Integrated Technical Course in Musical Instruments and he structured along with Prof. Dr. Fernando Chaib and Prof. M. Leonardo Labrada the course of percussion and the Percussion Laboratory (LaPe), even creating the first percussion ensemble of the institution (GruLaPe).

      Ronan has a Bachelor's degree in Percussion from the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita (UNESP), where he studied with John Boudler, Carlos Stasi and Eduardo Gianesella. He has a Specialization in Percussion Keyboards at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg with Emmanuel Séjourné and a Master degree in Composition et Interprétation Musicale at the Université de Strasbourg (France) with Emmanuel Séjourné and Alessandro Arbo.

    He was awarded the Prize of Didactic Concerts FUNARTE 2014 and a prize of the Goiás' State Culture Agency ("Fundo de Cultura 2013"). Through the UNESP, he received the Award of Excellence in Research in 2010 for his completion of course work ("Brazilian Repertoire for vibraphone solo"), having researched broad contemporary repertoire for vibraphone. He also received the Young Investigator Award Teacher Severino Pereira Marcio Meirelles for his undergraduate research project (PIBIC - UFMT, 2000). In his master's thesis at the Strasbourg University he presented his dissertation on the repertoire for percussion and electroacoustic music, working with digital luthiery and new electronics connections between interpreter and computer systems.

      He served with the PIAP Group for four years with the works' premiere by various Brazilian and foreign composers. With this group he performed in Brazil, the US and Canada (North American Tour - 2010) and participated in concerts with the Duo Katia and Marielle Labèque.

   He conceived and organized together with Karen Montija and Gloria Fernandes the Prisma project (2008) with sound and visual installation by performing a real-time interaction of three concert halls and bringing together artists from different sources (musicians, artists, dancers and video artist) .

       He worked with Tom Mays in the Orchestra of Computers of Strasbourg, having also worked in music and computer interaction with Antoine Spindler, Yves Kayser and Philippe Aubry.

     He was hired as a teacher (Chargé de cours and Percussioniste accompagnateur) at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg. In this institution he was linked to percussion, theory and music education and dance departments, for which he also created the soundtrack of several shows with percussion and electronics in real time.

        He founded the groups: DUALpha, Babel Trio and Ensemble Vertebrae, all facing the contemporary repertoire and the creation of avant-garde plays. He integrated the various chamber formations: Accroche Note, Ensemble Texture of Milano, Ensemble Plurium, DuAnphibios with concerts in France, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain.

         He premiered works of several Brazilian composers, among them Roberto Victorio, Flo Menezes, Fernando Iazzetta, Marisa Rezende, Ivan Chiarelli and André Bandeira, and foreign composers such as Stefano Gervasoni (Italy), David Hernandez Ramos (Mexico), Jacopo Costa (Italy), Patricia Goberna (Spain), José Manuel Gatica (Chile), Nicolas Tzortis (Greece), Franck Christoph Yeznikian (France), Vito Žuraj (Slovenia), Svetlana Abracheva (Bulgaria), among others. Solo works and orchestral concert by Ivan Chiarelli (Brazil), Clara Olivares (France), Roberto Victorio (Brazil) and Nikolet Burzyńska (Poland) were dedicated to him.

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