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Get to know a little about the ensembles that Ronan Gil perform with !

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Activities were initiated in early 2011, as a research space to technical and artistic development of the contemporary repertoire for percussion instruments.

Among the various projects, it is worth noticing the first Brazilian hearing and several concerts of Inuksuit work (2009), by the composer John Luther Adams; the ordering and world premiere of the work Living with the death of time (2012) by the composer Michael Pisaro, in collaboration with percussionist Greg Stuart; and the series of concerts in honor of John Cage in the year of his centenary. The group performed in several Festivals as the Primeira Semana de Música do IFG (2013), FUGA 7 (2014), Vaca Amarela (2014). The group performed a series of concerts in public schools in Goiânia, having received the Funarte Award for Educational Concerts.

The Impact counts on Catarina Percinio, Fábio Oliveira, Fernando Chaib, Leonardo Labrada, Leonardo Caire and Ronan Gil.






Created in 2013 by Ronan Gil, the GruLaPe is part of the Percussion Lab (LaPe / IFG). The group aims at spreading the repertoire of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries proper for percussion groups, seeking the technical and artistic-musical development of its members.

The GruLaPe consists of students of the Music courses of Undergraduate and Technical Degree in music at the IFG, with the directors and teachers Fernando Chaib, Leonardo Labrada and Ronan Gil.

For 2015 and 2016 the group already has a series of concerts throughout the state of Goiás inserted into PROEXT, the extension program of the Federal Government.


Link: In construction



  The Duo Átomos was created in 2015 by the french soprano Sarah Brabo-Durand and the brazilian percussionist Ronan Gil, bounded by their passion and their common commitment to contemporary music and new creation.

  The duo's repertoire emphasizes a plurality of schools of compositions and sonorities for voice and percussion. This repertoire is thus based on the works of composers both consecrated and of the young current scene, enabling direct exchanges and collaborations with them.







The Dualphα, composed by Ronan Gil and Fabio Godoi, was created to present to the public the specific repertoire for piano and percussion. This duo focuses mainly on the possibilities of the new musical creations and contemporary scene, focusing on both the repertoire from the twentieth century as well as the twenty first.

The musical affinity and aesthetics of the two performers allowed a meeting of disparate experiences and trends of the current scene. In the currents of avant-garde music the duo strives to engage the diversity of sounds and writtings of the Brazilian and international music, resulting in a proposal for an eclectic repertoire. The Dualphα is looking to discover this repertoire in constant expansion, renovation and clash, whose colors are carried by the avant-garde hues.


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